Top-end coated flax shower curtain

Top-end coated flax shower curtain

“GalboBain by Libeco Home” collection

The challenge was: to develop a shower curtain out of a natural and noble fabric, with the highest coating quality, which ensures esthetical and functional capabilities over years, with no alteration after washings.
Such a fabric is FLAX, which is both elegant and persistent, thanks to its natural fiber.

In a bathroom, shower curtain may give a fine touch of color, tactile aspect, smoothness.
 GalboBain and LIBECO offer a range of curtains, in harmony with natural stones, and tiles.

  • GalboBain shower curtains have well adapted measurements to bathtubs and showers sizes.
  • The discrete hanging system to the hooks through buttonholes allows a fine fall and easy ironing.
  • The Galbobain curtains are sold with discreet and nice metal rings.
Crochet à billes GalboRing et rideau de douche en lin GalboBain by Libeco

The choice of buttonholes and of metal, ball bearing hooks: a practical and aesthetic choice.

GalboBain curtains are ready in four sizes

GalboBain curtains are compatible with the rods of the make and with standard rods available on the market.

Shower curtain: H=210 cm (82.68’’) and L=180 cm (70.87’’)
Asymmetrical bathtub curtain: H=180 cm (70.87’’) and L= 225 cm (88.58’’)
Symmetrical bathtub curtain: H=180 cm (70.87’’) and L = 260 cm (102.36’’)
XXL Italian style shower model curtain: H=210 cm (82.68’’) and L=260 cm (102.36’’)

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Each model is available in two colors

White color | Sand color

GalboBain by Libeco Home - linen shower curtain available in white and sand colors