Shower and bath curtain rods

Shower and bath curtain rods

Rather than a costly glass partition, with a cumbersome and tricky maintenance, the GalboBain shower curtain rod is a perfect fit for your bath or your shower; it provides elegant, robust and handy solution to hang your shower curtain.


Made up from a high-quality stainless steel, crafted with extreme care in France, the GalboBain curtain rod smartly and discreetly fits into your shower bathroom.


Designed out of a one-piece tube and built-in fastenings, this shower rod provides excellent holding and requires no cross-pieces, which makes it straightforward to setup and use.


With a variety of models, the GalboBain shower curtain bar rod is specifically curved, thus providing comfortable space in your shower.

Our shower rod models

Asymmetrical curtain rods for bath
Symmetrical curtain rods for shower booths
Circular wall shower rods
Oval wall shower curtain rods
Oval ceiling shower rods GalboTwins
Straight shower rods
Custom-made shower rods