Asymmetrical corner shower rods

Asymmetrical corner shower rods


Use for an asymmetrical bathtub (saving of space bathtub).

Consistently in quest of space optimization, the home designer often fits the asymmetrical bathtub into the bathroom. Also called “room saving bathtub”, this kind of corner bath provides pleasant space, even though you have a narrow bathroom.
In combination with the GalboBain shower curtain rod, this bath transforms itself into a spacious and comfortable shower booth.

This model is compatible with all asymmetrical bathtubs.

Its designed curve allows the curtain to naturally adjust itself to the sides of your bath.

See in configuration with an asymmetrical bathtub
See in configuration on a plan of bathroom of 3m2


Use for a straight bathtub (classic bathtub).

Asymmetrical shower curtain rod GalboBain also allows to equip the straight bathtub placed in a corner.

See in configuration with a straight bathtub


Use for an Italian-style corner shower.

The asymmetrical shower curtain rod GalboBain also allows to equip an Italian-style corner shower creating a functional and spacious textile shower booth.

See in configuration in a corner Italian-style shower


Asymmetrical corner rod models

Asymmetrical corner shower rod 90-160


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